Is he interested in me or just being nice?

Sorry this will be kinda long!

So me and this guy met about a month ago through friends. He told his friends that I was pretty after I left them. He added me on Facebook the next day and about a week later he messaged me with his number telling me to text him sometime. We texted a lot the next day and the day after that (we texted random things, nothing sexual). I came home for the weekend (about a week after texting, which happened a lot) and we hung out on the 4th of July at a park watching fireworks. Nothing happened, we just talked. He added me on Snapchat. He told me he hates texting (though we would text a lot).

The next night, we went to a friend's house and watched a movie. We ended up cuddling and making out, nothing more. We didn't get a chance to hang again after though he wanted to but I was already back at school when he asked (school is an hour away). We either texted or Snapchatted and turns out he was down in my town where school is at for a friend's. He asked me to go to his friend's with him but I already had plans. He left his friends to come hang with me at my house (claiming he told them he was bored and had to go on an alcohol run) for not even 20 minutes because I had to leave. In that time we were going to watch a movie but that's when I had to leave (a friend was picking me up). He then texted me and Snapchatted me a few hours later while drinking and at his friend's. He wanted me to come hang with him since everyone at the place I was at already crashed but both of us were drinking so couldn't drive or anything. He was going to ask his sober friend to come get me but she went out somewhere so she couldn't.

Since then (last weekend) we haven't really texted but instead Snapchatting almost 24/7 (I'm not really a big fan of texting anymore). But when we Snapchat, I can look in my sent snaps and see that he opened it anywhere from 5-20 minutes but then will send something else. I know we kissed but is he interested or just wanting to be friends/nice?


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  • This sounds like an awful lot more than being friends or just being nice! Certainly this does to you too? What makes you doubt that?


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  • It seems that he's just being nice with you.


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