Why didn't he even bother to answer my messages? (we only text!!)

Well I know the most obvious answer is that , he is not interested any longer .. I got that in mind but I would like to hear your points of view :s here how the story went:

I met this guy online 7 months ago, at first everything went great and about 10 days later (maybe even less) he said he loved me , of course I didn't believe him at that time but I liked him a lot so I didn't mind . then after a while he seemed distant (not as usual ),when I pointed that he apologized and said that he feels lonely and is thinking about few things like he wants sthg serious with me .. and I said that I would like that too . then everything got back better and we kept on texting each other all the time and he even used to get mad if I don't send him any message for few hours.. it stayed that way few months and then things started to get blurry .. and he began to get distant then be back so loving and all like nothing was wrong .. and every time he did that I would just wait for him to talk and then I would show him I'm not okay with it and he apologize but don't explain ! .. I broke up with him many times because of it and then we got back together like before because I love him --" but after a while the same thing happens again and he know it gets me mad when he ignore my messages when I ask him why he does that he says: I don't know , or ' I know je suis con" sorry you deserve better ! anyway this two weeks started awefull : the whole time he would say I'm tired (so we don't text ) though he would stay online (on whatsapp) and won't send me anything .. so last time I asked : what am I to you ? he didn't answer for a whole 24 hours ! I told him : did I ask you :would you marry me ? (to say he doesn't need all that time to answer a simple question) he then didn't answer me and he was online (on whatsapp) so I sent him : are you here. again no answer . I got so mad then and broke up with him telling him things like : I feel stupid when waiting for your messages ,im getting you of my life , I want to forget you.. and all he said : "..." (he is used to doing that but not when I break up with him)

***P.S: we only text , rarely call (becoz of his excuses ) he says he is always busy with work and that when he is online to read messages and don't have time to answer.. but I don't buy it though I act like I do.. he lives 1300 km far from me , we couldn't meet before


i know it's crazy to ask that since I broke up with him , but I just want to get it off my mind

thank you


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  • This seems very suspicious to me. I can understand why you didn't meet but I don't see any reason why calling was blocked on his part. I can only think that he was hiding something. I certainly don't believe that he was too busy to answer calls. I'm also highly suspicious of his claim to be in love with you after only a few days of messaging. It's impossible to know why he has acted so secretive. It could be innocent but that seems unlikely. He may have had another woman in his life when he was in contact with you. You may never know. If he ever does want to reconnect I would suggest that you ask him to account for his actions and be willing to talk by phone regularly. If he objects, then there is probably something underhanded going on.

    • yeah you are right ! I think there is sthg odd in all this. Sometimes I suspect he is dating another woman, but then feel guilty of thinking about him that way so I just ignore what my mind is telling me immediately and I did never mention that to him . Anyway it has been 5 days now I didn't hear anything from him . but I will consider your advice :)


  • It seems that his work is interfering with your relatiosnhip. You can't get a person to change his schedule just for another person.

    • it's all about priorities

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