How to get over him...

I'm the kind of girl that does not like/ do well in relationships because I don't really like the whole commitment thing..It kind freaks me out. I also kind of make fun of the girls who are always talking about them, thinking about them, texting them constantly, etc. But ever since like 4 months ago I was talking to this boy for like 1 1/2 months but we stopped talking for a random reason and I found myself thinking of him constantly and like dreaming about him...I feel like a hypocrite...I really do like him and when I saw that he had a girlfriend I got really sad..I feel so stupid and pathetic...They did eventually break up just because they didn't even talk so we started talking a little but then it kind faded even though I still liked him, but now he has a go and I still like him but I'm really getting tired of it and I'm trying to talk to other people but I end up thinking about him! It really p*sses me off



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  • well first don't go hard on your self , because you can't help falling for someone

    and to get over him u'll have to :

    1- acually try to date him , get him

    2- date other peaple till you find one you like more

    3- time well take care of it , in a couple of months u'll forget about him,if its a heavy crush , a year(wich I think is the worse option)


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  • i've had the sme problem.. I liked this guy for a year. and we talked all the time but he was always with some other girl or. dating, my best friends. yeah t sucked, he dated all my friends and then he said he liked me and thenn, he kinda just got over me; but I got over it by a rebound boyfriend(: just date somebody else for awhile and you'll get over it.

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