What do you think about this situation?

So long story short, I moved somewhere 2 hours away so we can't talk face to face. I don't text her that often to annoy her. Maybe about twice a week. Then she started ignoring me altogether. I thought she might be busy first few times. Then I told her "it's OK that we don't talk often, but what makes me mad is that you're ignoring my texts." I gave her few days, and there wasn't any explanation or anything. I attempted texting her once or twice after that but no luck, so I deleted her number and de-friended her on FB. Then she texted me few days ago out of nowhere.

Here's the full conversation:

Her: Hey

Me: Who is this? (I don't memorize numbers)

Her: ________ (her name)

Me: ______...?

Her: _____ (her last name)

Me: And your texting me because...?

Her: I can

Me: After about 4 months of ignoring me, now you decide you can text me? What the heck

Her: After 4 months of nothing but school work and chores (for clarity, she takes all on-level classes and math support. Besides, her school barely gives students work unless you're in AP. Also, I have another best friend who plays tennis, has 2 jobs, and has to keep up with school, and he found time to call me.)

Me: Then why are you telling me this now? Maybe I wouldn't be a b*tch if you just said so

Her: Because I am a blonde

Me: Wow being a blond isn't an excuse to ignore someone for 4 months and think nothing is wrong

Her: Ok

Me: That's it? All you're gonna say is ok?

Her: What do you want me to say? I'm stupid blond that's not always a perfect friend

Me: Maybe you should have said sorry for once! All your doing is making excuses! Have you ever thought about that? I guess not

And there wasn't a reply. Wtf... By the way, I didn't edit the text messages at all.


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  • If you're not interested in her anymore, you did the right thing. Why give her your time?

    But if you still have some interest, you probably should have taken it a bit nicer and responded because you basically killed your chances with her now.

    Im going to assume you don't care though based from your responses

  • It's quite clear that both of you will drift apart forever.


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