How long is too long in texting?

so I have been emailing that girl I met online. I think she likes me or even love me. we text back and forth but sometimes she takes too long to reply (2- 9 ) days. then I would initiate the conversation again asking if she's still alive. and she would get back to me within the day. right now it's been like 2 weeks and I did not send her a message. should I wait longer and give her space or just text her? or should I move on?

is texting for 8 months almost on daily bases considered flaking? cause that's what we used to do. plus she asked me out but I said I can't at the moment before all that with a long time.


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  • Just move on. Its been way too long.


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  • It's over dude. You never closed the deal. You got the number, but never made a sale. She's gone. You kill me man!

    • hahaha thanks for encouraging words. at least you made me laugh about it :D

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    • we should make a club "supidos hear". and I charge the battery lol

    • lol!