Have you or someone you know try to knock a girl/guy down a peg?

I've heard of some guys doing this to girls that they wanted to date, in the middle of dating and in a relationship with. I know that some girls do this to guys too but I hardly hear anything about it. Have you done this to a girl/guy before and if so, why?

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  • I haven't but I think it's abusive, you want to tear the person down so they are a miserable as you and make them feel worthless so they are "lucky" to be with you. You hear about this all the time when it comes to sex with girls being pressured into things and then the guy says I'll leave you if you won't or your lucky to be with a guy like me no one else is even attracted to you etc. I mean it's just manipulation in the most disgusting way. I've seen girls do it to men that don't have great jobs, but they don't try to demean them sexually like men do.


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  • I don't do it cause I wanna date her (or a guy). I'll knock them down a peg if they are so stupid to think they are always right when they clearly aren't. Or if they think way too highly for themselves when really they aren't God's gift to man.

  • i have but I failed. he saw through my plan before I could put it into actin but he was a douche so I wish I suceeded


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