Girl likes me and I like her ..... but she has a boyfriend for one year and says it might not last with him.

i was in a long term relationship for about 5 years and almost was ended abruptly and she walked out on me leaving me hurt...i then meet this other girl 2 weeks later and we hung out a few times. I explained I was not ready to date and she moved on...since then she has been in a few relationships and I have been in none. we always kept in contact and she always asked me if I was ready to date her and I always said no because I was still thinking about my ex so I didn't think it was fair to her.

fast foward to last year and she asks me the same question and I say I am def ready to date and she tells me she has a boyfriend so I don't tell her I was actually ready to date her. I didn't want to mess with her head at all since she was involved. I told myself to wait for her to be single and then you tell her...she ends of breaking off with the other guy and I tell her I have wanted her for over a year now...a few weeks pass with texting that she wants me too, etc and now she gets back with her ex. she says they dated a year and she wants to give it a shot because of their history together.

i start to back off then but we still text saying how much we have wanted each other for so long...but I know she has a boyfriend and I think no contact is the only way I will have a chance. she says she is angry that she might have lost her opportunity with me finally and I'm pissed that I missed my chnace now too. she says if it takes too long for her to become single, it will take work but she will get me back to where I am now wanting her.

we ended it on that note and Haven't contacted each other in 2 days...i can't do anything but wait right?


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  • I would absolutely wait until she's single. No contact may be best as well. My issue is that she's with someone now but she's telling you that she wants you. Not cool! What exactly is her plan to become single? I think maybe you should ask her that.

    • she told me she wanted me when she became single for the 2 weeks...she said she owes it to herself to see if there is anythign there with the current boyfriend and if not, at least she will have closure and come to me at 100% instead of less because she knows I wouldn't want that either

    • Okay, I can see how that can work. Are you going to cut communication for awhile?

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  • Brah. It's dog eat dog out there.

    You need to convey to her that you want her. If she dumps her current boyfriend, hooray! He probably wasn't doing something right, otherwise, she would have stayed with him.

    Don't think too much into it. Turn your big head off, and listen to your "little" head.