Will I have a second date?

Long story short, I took a girl on a date this past Friday.

We had a great time, and I felt that we clicked almost immediately, which was so nice after going on several dates that just didn't work out for me. We have the same taste in music, tv, and we also have the same hobbies and both have big goals ahead for the future.

In the past, I've been a bit spoiled because I've been able to easily get the second date confirmed, but I guess the good ones are more of a challenge.

The texting between us is usually great. Before our first date, we responded to each others' texts just like 2 minutes after the other and didn't play the stupid waiting game.

After the date, a few hours later, I texted her that I had a great time and really looked forward to seeing her again. This time, I had to wait 2 hours for a response (she was meeting up with a friend of hers, and I assume the friend told her to make me wait, but that's my assumption). She responded that she had a great time and really had fun and wants to see me again.

Anyway, 2 days later I text her about a second date and she responds a couple of minutes later and says that her week is gonna be very busy but that she will let me know (which she told me as I dropped her off at the end of our date). I then texted her that that sounds great and that I look forward to seeing her and getting to know her better. She never responded to that, but my friends say that there's no response necessary.

Basically, I'm just confused because I think we both had a phenomenal time and she even has confirmed this in our post date texting. The only thing I'm a little unsure of is that I didn't get a response to my last text (which once again, many friends say that it didn't require one, and based on everything else, I'll see her again). I feel like by Thursday hopefully I'll hear back, and if not, I'll have to send a follow up text (hopefully I won't be in this position).

Am I just over-thinking this?

Some more details about our date: lasted 2 and a half hours, and she extended it even though her friend was supposed to meet her at a certain time. Also lots of laughter and smiling and back and forths in the conversation between us.


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  • Just wait it out. I know it's hard to wait and I can guarantee that your heart will jump when she does text you back. But for now, be patient and find a distraction. She will get back to you eventually, but if it goes on like another week, just shoot a quick text and say something like, "Hey, I was thinking about doing...was wondering if you wanted to tag along..." Doesn't sound like a date so it doesn't pressure her and it's still an invitation. If she doesn't respond to that, then just wait a little longer and repeat once more. After that, just let her go. I know that may sound tough, but she obviously has other things more important if she doesn't ever text you back.

    • Thanks man, it really is hard, and my heart will absolutely jump when she texts me back. I feel like a little schoolboy. I just hope she follows through and texts back so I don't even have send a follow up text. I don't understand why it has to be so hard.

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  • Are you good looking

    • This is really what you want to say? No wonder you decided to post anonymously. I'm good looking to her clearly because she knew what I looked like before we went out and she decided to see me.

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  • You are over thinking this. You don't always have to have the last word. Don't lose her intrerst by becoming possessive or clingy. Relax, take a breath. Continue with your life and patiently wait for her text. If she doesn't text by ThursdayN don't send a reminder. Rather send somthing like " I'm gonna go see that movie we talked about the other day, do you wann go?" That way it shows that you wanna see her againan but if she blows you off you can still go and have fun

    • I appreciate the advice. It's just hard to be patient sometimes. I really like her and I want it to work out. I just hope she texts me back soon and then the rest will work itself out.