Why do I feel like this?

So I've been dating my boyfriend for 2 months right now. I really do love him and I'm probably the happiest I've been in a long while. But every time he likes a half naked picture of some model or something that he's a fan of on it really irritates the f*** out of me. It's not that I'm jealous whatsoever. I'm pretty secure and confident with my body. But for some reason it still irritates me. When we first started dating if we were watching a show and there was nudity he would always comment. One night I told him to keep his comments to himself and since then he basically has. I talked to him earlier about the liking pictures on Facebook thing. He doesn't understand why it bothers me and keeps telling me that I'm the one he wants and I do believe him. So in conclusion I still don't understand why I get so irritated. Is there some psychological reason? I was thinking maybe it could be related to my parents divorce. My dad was having affairs throughout their 21 years of marriage. Any thoughts?


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  • "It's not that I'm jealous"

    Yes it is.

    Look, if you can't be honest about the problem, you can't ever find a solution.

    • I'm truthfully not jealous of half naked hoes that guys just wanna f*** for their looks.

    • Yeh you don't sound bitter and jealous at ALL! lol

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  • I don't think you sound jealous or bitter at all. It's a matter of respect, period. How do you think he would feel if you did the same things? I'm sure he wouldn't be okay with it at all. I know how it feels because my ex had naked women in his phone, I was pissed. I'm a very attractive woman but it made me feel less than that when I saw those pictures. So no, I feel like your behavior is normal, he needs to be more respectful.

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