If an ex shows intense emotions towards you, do they still have feelings for you?

My ex left me for another guy about 5 months ago. We started texting back and forth and I told her I was seeing someone. Then she texted me rubbing it in my face how happy she is now. She then initiated the texting on the second and third day we talked. On the second day she unblocked my Facebook and texted me about my dead dog. The next day she texts me about the break up. She told me she left me for him and they have an amazing conenction. She then exploded on me when I told her I didn’t need to hear that and to leave me and my new girl alone. She then threatened me with a restrainging order? She goes from one end of the emotional spectrum to the opposite end every time she talks to me. She is so emotional when it comes to me and I’m not sure why. I thought if she was over me, she would be indifferent with her emotions. Ever since the break up, she's been hot and cold with me.


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  • Shes not over you dude. Especially the ones that leave you for another guy right away, aren't over you. She just wants to see you cry. Don't shed a tear, don't ever reply to her, and see how one day she comes crawling back.

    She sounds like a child. Let her go enjoy her "new bf". He's probably a down grade from you anyways, normally this is the case. And the reason why she's threatening you and losing her crap at you and is trying to make you feel like crap is because she wants attention from you, and wants to see you cry for her.

    Don't do it. Be strong, and she will leave him one day and be like crap.

    I guarantee you it kills her that you have someone new. That's why she unblocked you from Facebook. So now you block her, and make her taste her own medicine.

    Don't talk bad to her or anything, but just give her the silent treatment, till one day she says that she's single and you wanna actually persue things with her. Its upto you. But for now, don't say anything. She will leave him super fast. Watch lol

    • Well you are right on one thing. He is a MAJOR downgrade.

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    • Yea just ignore. She doesn't deserve your reactional response. :)

    • Well is it possible she blocked me because she wants to try and forget me? When we first broke up she told me she wants to cut me off cold turkey and I feel like she still has feelings for me but is fighting it...what do you recommended to do?

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  • Don't respond to her anymore. If she was really as happy with her new boyfriend as she says she is, she wouldn't be trying to talk to you & trying to rub it in your face. I agree with the girl who said that the other guys probably ignoring her & she wants you around just in case things don't work out. She's probably upset that you've moved on & she's not gonna have you to fall back on if things with her new guy don't work out as planned. Ignore her, all that back & forth, hot & cold crap isn't worth it. Good luck to you & your new girl :)

  • ah pssh the other guy is ignoring her about now and she wanted you in her back pocket the whole time

    It is approaching the 5/6 months mark when things are not as amazing as she thought so now she wants to keep you as a just in case.

    Find a hotter girl and ignore her

  • I'd guess that she still has feelings for you. I'd also guess that she's unstable lol


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  • She's obviously conflicted and unstable, but this could be because of dislike as well as attraction.

    Maybe she's attracted to you in some ways, but really doesn't like other things about you.

    If she's going on about a restraining order, she is trying to impress you with how great her new guy is..that's something mean, something she would do to make you feel bad, or for revenge.

    Anyone who wants revenge on an ex is someone emotionally unhealthy, imao. I'd stay away from her and avoid all contact, for real.

  • No, it only shows that she wants to be in control of you.. and that she's a whack job.

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