What to talk about during a date?

Only dates (which have been a few) were all first dates from an online dating sites where the guys never flirted with me in person. I'm 22 never kissed a guy. We would talk about a lot of stuff, careers especially. Then random subjects of what so and so friend is doing, weather, random places we've travelled to.

Apparently we're not suppose to be talking about our friends and more of what we like to do is what a girlfriend told me. She's way prettier and gets more dates but doesn't know my level of inexpeience. So girls what are you suppose to talk about on a date? How are you suppose to act, so its a romantic date and not just a friend date? I suck at dating.


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  • 22 and never been kissed? Wow... okay, that just might mean you are a very good girl.

    As a bad man gone good, I am going to give you some advice, take it or leave it. When I was in my late teens and 20's, I was as wild as the wind, crazier than a 3 dollar bill. Meanier than hell, hard, whiskey drinkin' Army boy. Now, I am married, have two girls, and I have become the protective Father. (From the Son comes the Father, from the Father the Son).

    First thing: Wear that "little black dress" that every girl has in her arsenal for that "romantic date". Believe me, that will signal to him that "you are here to be noticed, this is not a friend date".

    Second: Always let a man talk... we'll talk to you about baseball, football, our War wounds, our business, our work ~ let him talk and talk, he'll talk himself into thinking you are wonderful (which you will be if you are a good listenter). Remember, we men are idiots. Women have incredibly MUCH better listening skills and perception than men do.

    Third: Invite the kiss, if you like him. As a gentleman, I never kissed a girl who didn't clearly give me signals she didn't want me to, and even when I did, on the first kiss, I was always Knightly about it.

    Remember, what men LOVE about women the most is your tenderness... you were specifically created for us by God, so that all men might know His Power and Love, and yours, too.

    • Sound advice ;)... all except that final sentence in the second example :P

      Women only have DIFFERENT listening skills and DIFFERENT perceptions than men do. Men are NOT idiots ;)

    • Mike, it's been my experience that in battle, in business, in construction, we are brilliant. With women, we are idiots. We have no clue. If the next thing you tell me you know how women think, I am going to say it's baloney. LOL

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  • I respectfully disagree with Married-in- PA. When the goal is to convey interest in someone, one should equally engage in the conversation by asking questions, comment on the answer(which conveys interest), often make eye contact, and share information about yourself.

    With that said, the topics should be indicative of what you are looking for. For example, if you a long term relationship, then perhaps inquiring about his interests, goals, family, career, hobbies, would be suitable topics to ascertain if he is the type of guy you want to share your time with.

  • Current events... you are both living in 2013... talk about topics in the news.


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  • if you have to force a conversation then it is gonna be an awkward date for both of you. Tlak about likes and dislikes, music, movies, blah blah