Advice needed. First real life date with somebody I met online! Should I tell him that...

I am somewhat fat. Overweight, not obese.

I met him at an online community and while you had to add your height there, there was no option for weight or bodytype. Normally I'd put my real body type in there and I'd not be bothered by this question...

My profile pics were only headshots ^^

Here are full body shots:

[url= link

[url= link

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I don't want to act all insecure... It's not like I lied! If the topic came up I'd tell him but it never did! However I don't want him to be badly surprised.

Should I tell him? How could I bring this up without sounding weird?

Thanks in advance :)


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  • I've been down this road many times. I'm always upfront about my body type before we meet so the guy has a chance to back out if it's not something he's interested in pursuing. I understand that weight is an issue for some people, so I try to be understanding.

    I've gotten to the point where I just post full-body shots, and I still get lots of messages (when I was online). That way if someone meets you and feels cheated, well they can't really because you posted full-body shots.

    It's hard for people to wrap their heads around weight. You are either 600lbs in their mind or really small, there's no in between. Their brains automatically go to the extreme when talking about weight.

    Pictures are a much better way to give someone an idea. I would send him a full-body picture so that he can have a good idea.

    Just say you are a bigger girl, hope that it won't affect him wanting to meet you, and then send him a full-body pic to decide for himself.

    If after that he refuses to meet with you, well then it's his loss. Better to not meet someone who doesn't want to be with you due to how you look. It could even turn out he doesn't think you are big and thinks you are very attractive!

    So it could go either way!

  • I ain't looking at no links babe. If he don't like you he don't and vice versa. This isn't the way to do things!

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