Is my boyfriends step dad trying to get with me?

Ok so I've been dating my boyfriend for about two years and this past year have gotten really close with his family. He's gone in the marines and recently his step dad texts me alot. I didn't think it was weird because he's always just been friendly but sometimes he's a little too friendly over text. And lately he randomly texts me trying to set up dates to meet up. And it's always when his wife is gone. Other than that he hasn't really been that creepy. He just added me on snapchat and told me to snapchat him back and that we need to go out sometime. I told my boyfriend before when he asked me to send him a picture (not nude) and my boyfriend told me to tell him if anything happened again cause he thought it was weird. Should I tell my boyfriend and is his step dad trying to hangout with me to like hook up or something? I love his family and don't want to say anything to my boyfriend unless necessary because his mom would go psycho. please let me know!


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  • He's definitely trying to make something happen. I agree with CrystalMinds - you should make it clear that you're not going to meet up with him if the wife isn't going to be there as well. And I wouldn't tell your boyfriend anything more unless you feel that you can't handle the situation on your own:

    Marine + Stepfather trying to hook up with his girlfriend = what Stepfather?


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  • If his dad asks you to hang out again, just say something like: "sure, can't wait to see you and *name of his wife* again! So he knows that you want her to be there too. If he says it's without her, ask him why she won't be there and if you can reschedule so she'll be there as well.

    To be honest, it does sound a bit weird he wants to meet up with you alone...but maybe that's just me. Wait to tell your boyfriend, but if his dad asked you for like 3-5 times, I'd tell him.

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