Is it really worth dating a divorced man?

Has anyone ever dated a divorce man? Did you run into them withdrawing themselves, being distant, cautious or particular about small things? Guys- If you are a newly divorced man, what do you expect out a woman you've just recently started dating?


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  • It depends on how his marriage ended, and how long ago he got divorced. When I first got divorced I wasn't ready to even think about dating for a while. My ex had pretty much drained me of all my confidence in myself, as well as my faith and trust in women. Other marriages end differently. The worse the marriage was, the more time they might need to recover. It will also vary from man to man.

    As far as what I expect of a woman, It really didn't change until my confidence started to increase after the divorce. I would say what I expect of a woman has more to do with my confidence than being divorced or not. I think it is the same for women.


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  • Not all divorces are devastating. Those who feel like they were taken advantage of, especially after being cleaned out in a messy divorce, are likely to be guarded and distrustful as those who divorced on reasonably good terms. I'm afraid that as you get older, it becomes increasingly difficult to find a man who never married.

  • I can't really speak from experience, but the best advice I can give is don't date a guy who hasn't been divorced for at least 12-18 months minimum. The same would be true for guys looking to date divorced women.

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    • Oh okay, thank you. :-)

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  • Let me just say one thing, I dated a 35 divorced man and it was f***ing

    Hell, he had so much baggages he use to fight with his ex

    And get mad for 2 weeks without talking to me, it was just disgusting

    But again not every divorced person is the same.

    The guy I dated had a son with her maybe that's what made everything worse

    He stressed me out so much am so glad I ended it.

    Good luck to you though.

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