We're not dating, we're just... yeah, I don't know what we're doing...

For the past 4 months my coworker and I have been casually shagging. At first it started out as us hanging out then, it took a month before we started getting physically. One day I told him I developed a small crush on him and he basically told me he wasn't the feelings and relationship type of man. Which I'm okay with. So we kept shagging until one day he cut me off and told me he doesn't think I could keep my feelings in check. We recently started hooking up again, because honestly he can't say no to me. I'm to "persuasive" this time around the sex has gotten very personal. He'll look straight at me during intercourse and just look into my eyes. He'll grab my head and kiss me differently. More passionately. Now, for a man that says he's not the feelings or relationship type. He sure is acting like it. I'm just confused. Help!


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  • He is starting to gain feelings for you, and the only reasons why IMO he isn't pursuing a relationship with you is:

    1) he doesn't date coworkers (causes awkwardness and drama most of the time)

    2) doesn't want to turn down other women by being monogamously committed to anyone


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