Why do guys always like me but then change their minds?

It seems like I always have guys who are initially interested in me, but never want to take the next step. I don't sleep with them, so it isn't that, but it seems to me after I date a guy, he decides that he doesn't want a relationship with me. And almost immediately after me, these guys tend to find long term girlfriends. Ill admit, I tend to like guys who Haven't dated a lot or have been hurt in the past. But what could Ichange to make them see me as something more long term?


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  • the problem may have something to do with the guys your dating , I'm not sure . it does happen where someone initially likes someone then sort of realizes there not really what there looking for long term . not sure why the guys aren't seeing anything long term in you , or why they'd not want a relationship , its tough to know why without knowing more details of the dates and encounters you had with them


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