What to do about this texting situation with this girl?

Both 20 in college btw

So I'm really good friends with this girl and developed feelings for her recently. I'm a bit bummed out about her texting habits though.

-Never texts first

-Sometimes gives closed responses like "hahahaha" or ":D" (A closed response is a response that CAN'T provoke more conversation)


When I pick up the conversation after a closed response, I sometimes get a lengthy or a genuine answer


Her: Hahahaha! (<--- closed response)

Me: So about (blablabla)

Her: (Genuine response)

And most importantly:

- If she's busy and forgets to text back... I HAVE to send another text later to get a convo going. Because she does not text first

All in all I'm not sure if forcing myself to re-text is bothersome to her, or worth it!

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Maybe this is being too negative, but if you enjoyed talking to someone, surely you'd remember to text them back, or even wonder why they didn't text you and check your phone?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Call me old fashioned but I never text a guy first. I want to know he is interested in me and I know he does because he texts me first. But I do reply. This was the situation when I first started dating the guy I'm seeing now. At first he told me he didn't know if I was interested because I never initiated the texts. BUT he did say he assumed I was because I kept on going out with him and I did reply back.

    Perhaps she is this type but if she is NOT replying back or not really trying to have a genuine conversation then Id let it go.

    Try not texting her for a few days and see if she does it first.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Could have other text conversations going on, or can't articulate well

  • I think she's just being friendly.

    • One time I barely talked/txed her for 4 days cause I had something on my mind relating to her, she thought I was mad for not talking to her?

What Guys Said 2

  • She's friendly but not interested. move on. Regardless wait to see how long it takes her to initiatea text conversation. Find something else to do instead of driving yourself nuts during the wait. Might take a while. This will give you an indication of her interest. less than a week you should tell her you are interested, more she's just being friendly.

  • I say, don't bother. If she liked you, she'd be etxting you like crazy.

    Most likely, you're friend-zoned.

    If she has the tiniest bit of romantic feeling for you, she will become jealous if you stop texting her so much. That's the only way, if there is any way, of getting her.

    • Jealous? Is that really the right word? Actually very recently I stopped texting her cause I started talking to another girl, this original girl thought I was mad at her cause I barely spoke to her and texted her.

      Does that count at all? She clearly missed the friendship. before you lol at me saying "friendship", you know what I mean. friends talking... aka people talking... aka chance of dating.

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