What just happened... Please help?!

So me and this guy met online, and we met up in person four times and were talking a lot through texting. Everything was going great, and after the fourth time we hung out (this past Sunday) I really realized how much I liked him. Then on Monday he didn't text me all day, then when I texted him that night, he didn't seem very talkative. We talked for a little and he told me he was going to play a video game with his friend. That was the last I heard of him. He didn't text me Tuesday or Wednesday. Yesterday (Wednesday) I sent him a Facebook message asking if everything was okay since I haven't heard from him, and he saw it and was online when I was and didn't write back. Now this morning (Thursday), I just sent him a text saying that if he didn't want to talk anymore that it was okay just let me know. He still didn't write back. I have no idea what happened, everything was going great... The only things that were worrying me was the fact that he still has posts on his FB about his ex (who has a new boyfriend now) and that he is still on the online dating site (I deleted mine). Can someone please help?!


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  • Sometimes guys need some space, especially if he's starting to like you too. So either he's not that interested or he now thinks you're unable to handle some silence. My guy did that to me a while ago, didn't text me for a week, so I didn't text him at all. By that Friday, he was calling me. Stop texting or messaging him.

    • I agree, you need to play more had to get. Back off calling him and see if he calls you back

    • I wouldn't say play hard to get but just have a life and stay busy. Its about respect, self-control and just being confident that if he was really interested, he'd keep coming around. I do reply as soon as I get the text/message/call. Which might be hours later as I tend to forget I even own a phone LOL.

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  • Stop texting or messaging him. If you don't here from him in a few days, he's giving you the fade.


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  • Facebook strikes again. My boyfriend and myself don't have a Facebooks because of the unneeded drama it brings into a relationship.

    You're being too clingy. I met my boyfriend online ( a year ago) and I didn't delete my profile until he asked me to be his girlfriend. At that time we both decided to delete ours because we weren't interested in meeting someone else. From what I've read you've been texting him everyday and he hasn't been responding because because he doesn't want to. Renew your profile and go talk to other men, you don't know if he's interested in coming back or not at this point.

    • Wow, I like the idea of you deleting your Facebooks. Very smart and it shows your level of devotion to each other. I've always believed that once you find the one you have to be willing to shut everything and everyone else out to make that person #1. Not always easy but sometimes it is necessary to eliminate avenues for troubles to come in. I would like to do that or maybe once I get married have that shared Facebook like a lot of couples do...

    • To be honest, I was never crazy about the idea of Facebook in the first place ( he just happened to be the same way). I didn't see what was so great about Facebook, most of the people on there are pretty immature and I'm not interested in hearing about what/who they're complaining about. I deleted my dating profile once my boyfriend asked me to be his.( I guess I should've clarified that).

      Each to their own I suppose.

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