I sometimes feel the guy I'm dating is trying to buy me

We've been going out a few weeks, we didn't really put a name on it yet, so he's not my boyfriend.

Sometimes he does things that make me wonder though. Like a while ago he got me a really expensive dress. And right after giving it to me, he pulled me in and kissed me, which was our first real kiss.

Then the other day he was saying that his dad owns a yacht and maybe we could spend a few weeks there but also implying that it would be a good oppurtunity to have sex.

I was like "ehm no thanks" It's not that wouldn't want to go on vacation with him, I just don't want to feel obligated to sleep with him.

Idk if it's coincidence or he's trying to be nice or he's trying to buy me?


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  • Well I respect you for not being bought! Restores some of my faith with women lol.


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  • yeh, cause doing it the usual way isn't getting him anywhere

    why can't people just say that they are boyfriend girlfriend.. cmon people it would solve a lot of people

  • why not both?

    • I don't thin you can be nice and trying to buy someone at the same time

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    • Idk what you said makes sense.

      I lready told him I'm not into casual sex, he said that's fine and he didn't pressure me or something. He just makes it very obvious he wants it

    • we all want it.

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  • Trust your instincts. He is trying to buy you.

    So, he bought an expensive dress, which on TV dramas seems like a cool move, but honestly, in real life it is too personal and too much for newly dating. Then he mentions his dad's yacht. It is his dad's, not his, and you barely know him so unless you are in to casual sex (which it sounds like you are not) you really need to re-evaluate seeing this guy.

    Consider this, you are seeing his character and it appears to be very much about showing signs of luxury in an attempt to have sex with you. This is the kind of guy who will be out in a heartbeat once he has had enough fun with you. A sincere guy who wants more would be concerned he would offend you by alluding to the yacht as a good opportunity to have sex.

    Oh, and to be clear, this guy is not offering you a vacation. He is trying to get you to sleep with him. That doesn't sound like a vacation to me.

    • well he's still in college too, so you don't really expect him to have money. If his parents do and he can use their things, that's between them.

      He didn't directly say he wants sex, he was more talking about a few romantic days on a boat, but I felt that's what he was trying to get at

    • In the end, you will have to determine what it is about him that you are attracted to. I have a personal problem with guys who like to flash wealth about in order to seal the deal with a girl. I wouldn't even like it if it was his own wealth, but it isn't even his, it is his parents. That's me. As far as suggesting "romantic" days on a boat, I would take care to figure out what he means by this.

  • very possible he is trying to buy you. I had a similar situation. if the guy is pushing sex without talking about your relationship then he is likely just trying to get in your pants. sorry. I recommend talking to him first because if you want a relationship sleeping with him before you get one will ruin your shots most likely.