Girls, how do you act when you want to be your date's girlfriend?

You've been dating for some time, and you really like him.

And you probably want exclusivity and to know him better, right?

But the guy for some reason is not taking action (probably because he is clueless or doesn't want to rush things).

Would you hint him or go straight to the point?

Is it an easy thing for you to do? Or is it hard like putting your face out there and girls don't like to do it (like approaching)?

Thanks for your answers!


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  • When I really like a guy and want to be his girlfriend, I usually text him all the time. Well at least a few times a day. I like to know what he's up to and whether we can see each other soon. I'll want to make sure I'm in his plans for sure!

    I'll flirt a little, smile a lot and just be really friendly with him. I don't usually tell him up-front (silly, I know) because I'm afraid of laying all my cards on the table and have him either a) use it to his advantage to use me or b) that he will lose interest.

    I find that once a guy knows you like him, then he just loses interest and doesn't put any effort into whatever type of relationship it is. This has been my experience :(

    I'm quite attentive to the guys I like and want to have a relationship with. I even try to plan romantic dates and stuff in hopes it will make him want to be with me. Not sure if that works or not. But ya, that's usually what I do.


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