First kiss, what do I do ?

I've never kissed a guy before and I was wondering when I do and start making out should I tell the guy its my first time ? or just go for it ? I'm worried the guy will remember me as " the horrible kisser who had no idea what she was doing "


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  • Don't worry about that, no guy will have a problem with you saying it or with you being clumsy: every girl is different ( happily!)


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  • nobody knows what to do their first kiss and I'm pretty sure he didn't either so don't sweat it. good luck


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  • relax, if you worry about it, you're only going to make the situation bad for yourself. Just let everything come naturally, and if you feel the need to say something, just say something cute like..."I may not know what I'm doing, but you're one hell of a teacher..." then continue kissing him...

  • It doesn't matter if he knows it's your first time or not, Just let him lead you , and don't worry about being a good kisser or not. If you just clear your mind and let it happen it will all work out. I'm sure you'll realize you had nothing to worry about.

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