Why do I care for this woman

I'm a young male that met a young woman about 4 years ago. I was very attractive to her and asked her out. I didn't know she was a scorpio at the time.. I thought I met my match and started to yearn for a relationship. We dated a couple times and she just broke up with an ex and wasn't ready for a new relationship. I didn't like being her friend because it made me fee like a dog salivating over food I couldn't have. So we mutually went our separate ways. She kinda let me on by seeming so interested, she bought me clothes and would come over to my apartment. I was confused

A year later I found out though some friends that she just had a baby. I was shocked but relieved. I didn't want kids but I was shock that she didn't want a relationship with me but had a baby by another dude. But I moved on with life and didn't think much about it.

4 years later I'm on a dating website and she finds me out the blue. We start talking about how nice it's to hear from each other, she tells me that she stop talking to me because of the lifestyle I used to live but that had changed now. She want to start seeing me again go out for food like we did back in the day is what she said! Now she's a single mother!

What's weird is that she has a baby and says stuff to me like " I want get get my nose pierced but I need someone to hold my hand" I need a hug I'm going to buy a blow up doll lol, and I'm going to delete my page I just need to be patient God will send me someone.

I respond

I tell her she's strong, she has everything she needs, and a doll won't satisfy you.

Should I pursue this? Has anyone been a male no kids dating a single mother? Is it just my sensitive side that feels for her. I typically do not date single mothers but I have a urge to let this one slide. What's your opinion?


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  • I have a frd who is a single mother I think hands down she's the most fun girl I have ever met in my life even though she's 30 and I am 23 I love to hangout with her she's less drama and not like those stuck up girls ! she's my bestie! I think you should definitely persue it and see how things go! and you guys coming across each other so many times means there might be some sort of connection there;)



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