How long before having the "exclusive" talk with her?

How many dates is too early?

Cliffs - Met a woman online (23 years old, I am 25) about 3 weeks ago now. Roughly two weeks ago we exchanged phone numbers and started speaking over the phone. We had our first date 8 days ago and it went very well. Our second date was 4 days ago and ended up lasting 5 hours.

On our second date she was asking me questions about my ex who I was tagged with on Facebook pictures (making sure I wasn't still seeing her). She also told me I was the only one she really talked to from that site and then basically asked me if I still talked to anyone else, and then she jokingly said "I think I might have to call dibs then". We text each other daily. I am going to be busy until next week and she knows it and every now and then she tells me she can't wait to see me again, and has texted me "Im glad you turned out to be a normal awesome guy".

So what should my next move be? I really like her. But online dating it seems like a different world because any day someone else is probably sending her messages hitting on her. And she obviously sounds kind of worried that I am talking to other girls on there still, even though I am not. Should I just delete my online profile? Should I ask her or talk to her about being exclusive and then bring up deleting the dating profiles later? Or is it too soon to even think about any of that stuff? My last girlfriend I met online still had her profile up a month after we were officially a couple and it always made me suspect something was up, so the whole thing is something I am trying to do differently this time.


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  • I've done the online dating so I can relate to this question.

    If she is inquring if you are talking to other women but says she isn't talking to anyone else then that is a good sign, but it doesn't make it true. There's the old saying a pair and a spare when it comes to dating, until you find the one you want to lock down.

    Normally I would say it is a little too soon to have "the talk" but if it is something it seems that you both don't want to look for anyone else then go for it. The whole point for most people is to find one person that you want to spend your time with. I would not take your profile down until you actually have that disucssion. After you decide that you want to be exclusive there is NO REASON whatsover for either of you to keep the profile active. All of the dating websites has the option to hide/disable or delete the account.


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