How do I tell someone they are dating a "user"?

He is my ex ( I am over him ) There is no love there anymore but he is still a good friend of mine now. He is dating this girl that uses guys for money and free stuff. I've known her for a long time and watched her go through some of my friends left and right.

This is a touchy situation because my ex is my friend but I don't want him to think I am "jealous" and trying to get them to break up. I could care less if he is dating honestly but this one girl is just... horrible.. He is her 4th boyfriend in the last 3 and a half months..

I feel like a bad friend if I don't warn him but I know at the same time he has to make his own path and mistakes and learn from them.

Also, keep the rude "omg you're jealous" "omg let him get messed over" comments to yourself.


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  • People rarely receive warnings about their dates or relationships well. You may be viewed as having ulterior motives, especially since you have a past history together. The only way I can think of to approach this delicately is to suggest that you've seen this pattern in her and say that you hope you're wrong. You could also suggest that he can prove you wrong by telling his date that he'll be short on cash for the foreseeable future to see how she reacts. Perhaps then he can see for himself.

    • I may just try that. If he gets upset then I guess he will learn and the "I told you so" game will come haha!

    • If you do tell him and he doesn't listen at first he may catch on faster than the 3 did.

    • That is true! did not that of that.

  • tell them flat out and don't sound rude or anything

    • Sigh, what if he doesn't believe me and gets offended? ><

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