Guys, what do you mean when you call a girl "Babe" over text?

I just met a guy and we recently started texting. We were just having a normal conversation until randomly he replied to one of our texts with the word "babe". Now it was pretty random and caught me off guard. I honestly don't know what to think of it. Obviously it could mean anything, but I don't want to jump to conclusions. Is there any real significance behind the word? I mean, I'm pretty interested in the guy. We flirt every so often. Would you say he's interested? And guys who do this and expect it back?


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  • He sounds attracted. What he is doing is leading. He is interested and is starting to escalate youyr conversations. Your need to return thr favour or add some more innuendo. Let him know that you approve and would like some more


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  • Yes, he does like you. It doesn't sound like he has asked you out on a date or tried to connect with on any level, so what exactly does he know about your standard? Having a high standard is an attractive quality that would make any genuine guy want you more. So it sounds to me like he's just a guy looking to score, your not interested, and so he's being a jerk. Personally, I would tell him to get lost:/ Good luck! I wish you the best:)

  • he may be trying to take things to a "next level" yes he is interested or he was joking depending on the seriousness and the topic of the convo he may wish to pursue a relationship


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