Is this a stupid reason to get dumped?

Okay well I recently got dumped and I believe I didn't deserve to be. Okay well me and my bf(ex now) were watching a movie and during the movie I got a text.well I was more focused on the movie and was in no rush to reply to the text.Well my boyfriend grabs my phone and starts to go throughit . At first I was like"wtf o.o " but knowing I had nothing to hide I wasn't too worried about it so jokingly I tried to get it back.well once I did I read the message and all it was was a "hey can I come over?" from a friend. I didn't feel like responding to it and since my inbox was pretty full I deleted it . Well later that night my boyfriend said he was sketched out about all that had happened. But he said he trusted me and it wasn't like I have done anything sketchy to make him not trust me so he would worry too much with it. Well a day goes by and He accuses me of hiding stuff from him which I didn't. Well he dumps me. His reasoning was that I hurt him and made him feel like I couldn't be trusted. :l

All because a silly text from a friend. he ended it by saying" I don't know if you did or didn't cheat but I think it's best we go our separate ways. I love you to death but I can't handle getting hurt"

ugh I think I'm more pissed than sad about the whole thing


oh and he asked three people if he should break up with me before actually going through with it. Three people who don't even know me at all :l wtf


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  • This guy sounds very immature. It seems to me that he was looking for any reason to get out of the relationship, and he picked a most ridiculous reason. I could be wrong, but that is what I think. And him grabbing your phone, that is straight up wrong! That is not his! He has no right to grab your phone! A relationship is all about trust, and if he didn't have trust from the getgo with you then he shouldn't have been in a relationship with you. It's controlling and immature, and he had NO right to grab your phone! That is yours and he can't control someone, the only person he should control is himself. Sweetie, I'm sorry your going through this! I do feel bad! Cause you must be really hurt, cause it is a silly reason to break up with someone, and it's immature. Also he can't just assume your cheating. He needs concrete evidence, and if he doesn't have that then he has no proof, therefore, he can't make that judgement of a definite yes that you're cheating. If that was a concern of his he should've done the mature thing of talking it out with you, and reasoning with you, instead just saying "We're breaking up" basically. I hope I helped, and you can find better! You need someone that will be mature, and trust you. I know it's probably the wrong time to hear that, but I feel for you, and I'm sorry your going through this. If you need to talk you can message me! :) <3 one love


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  • Seems like he was looking for a reason to break up with you and he found one

    It's really immature and if one text is enough to break his trust in you than he's probably too fragile to date anyway

  • if the person who text you was a guy friend then he had good reasons to not trust you. Overall a pretty immature thing to break-up instantly over though


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  • Your ex obviously has some deep seeded psychological issues that surfaced in his insecurities about your relationship. These are the people who end up in prison because they flew off the handle and chopped up a dozen random people in a month long killing spree across the country.

    Find someone sane next time.

    And I'm sorry this happened to you.