Girls: how frequently would you expect to see the guy you're dating/boyfriend?

Obviously the answers to this will vary but I would still like some perspective on this:

How frequently does a girl expect to see the guy she is dating/having a relationship with/her boyfriend? (when they're not living together)

Is it once a week on weekends, multiple times a week, even more or less?

The thing is that I am seeing this girl now but I have a rather busy job that demands a lot of my time, so I will often be working late hours (plus I train for a sport so that also takes some evenings away) plus for some periods my job has me travel around the country during the week, though I am always back home on weekends.

As me and her live in a big city, meeting up is a bit of an investment in time, even just travel wise. As such, anything above seeing each other on the weekends is a bit tough to say the least.

I was wondering if girls would be willing to put up with this or is that not enough time for them to see a guy?


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  • It might depend on the relationship and the people in it, but I feel I can't take more than 3 days apart from my new Boyfriend at the moment.

    Obviously if we can't see each other I have to deal with it, but I feel extremely lonely, I miss him a lot and I'm on edge. Maybe that'll get less intense over time, but at the moment I'm just overwhelmed with love for him and I just need to be with him :x

    So I'd have to say twice a week as a minimum.

  • That seems fine to me! I'm a student, and so I understand how a busy schedule can leave you feeling exhausted, much less take up lots of time. The fact that you're spending your weekends with her is actually very sweet, as it shows you value her enough to want to spend the little free time you have with her. :) A way to keep her feeling connected to you during the week would be to text her a few times throughout the day, and maybe even have some phone or Skype calls. :) Good luck!

    • We do text/Skype quite a bit but I'm wondering if girls generally expect to physically see their guy more often than just once a week (and if she doesn't, she might start looking for a little on the side or a completely different guy entirely).

    • If she's loyal, she wouldn't look for any side action. I wouldn't worry :) It seems you're kind and considerate of her feelings, so I'm sure she'll understand. :))

  • at least twice a week.


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