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I'm trying online dating websites. I just want to find a guy who wants to get to know me better and possible want to get into a serious relationship with me. I'm shy so I think online is a good option for me. However, I am a bit worried about getting to know people on the internet. I don't like to give my details quickly because I don't think it's safe. Is it OK to get to know a guy online, through messenger or Skype? I have told a few guys I prefer to use email or messenger to get to know them first before taking things further. Most guys seem to want my phone number but I don't like to give my number out that quick. I think you can get to know someone well online but do guys not agree? Do guys only like talking on the phone? I do get a bit worried because I don't want to rush into a relationship or give wrong signs. I've exchanged photos with a guy and he seems OK but he looks older than me. It it not a good idea to keep talking online? I just want to be friends first and then find out enough before talking to the guy on the phone.


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  • There are many benefits and problems with dating online. You can potentially connect to a very a large number of guys. You can take your time writing responses. It's not as painful to ignore or be ignored online than it is in person. These advantages can also be disadvantages. Many undesirable men have access to you. Many women have told me that the majority of men who contact them are looking for sex. You need to have a somewhat thicker skin for that. Also, people can easily misrepresent themselves in the descriptions of themselves, their pictures and their responses to you. It becomes easy to fall in love with a lie without body language or context.

    My advice: Post pictures that are in no way suggestive. Say enough about yourself and interests that you are comfortable telling the world. Then you can ignore all those who clearly never bothered to read your profile. Be cautious about developing feelings for someone online, especially someone remote. You have no idea who they really are until you meet them. There are far too many guys who will create a romantic persona suited to you. Some girls don’t give out phone numbers online. They simply meet them in neutral location.


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  • I think it's not a bad idea to try online dating especially when you're shy. Maybe it goes well that you'll find someone that will have a serious relationship with you. Still, for me It's best to know someone personally to lessen some worries that he may be tricking you?

    Hope it helps even though I didn't experience that ..

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