Online/long distance and keeping someone interested

Okay so me and this guy met online a few years ago, talked on and off and finally met a week ago. We live about 5 hours apart. Now it went really well, my friend was with us, we all hung out. He took us to cool places to see, took us to the beach and was romantic. While my friend was walkin around he kissed me every chance he got, held my hand, tried VERY hard. We hung out again the next day and the same thing happened, tried VERY hard. He also told me he didn't want his friend to not like him so he was on his best behavior.

Now I'm home, he is still expressing his "like" for me, but I'm a little confused. We had the talk, his online dating profile says not single, not looking, he said he isn't looking for anyone. He said he wants to date me, but the distance is too far.

Now I will be moving there when I'm done my course in 9 months Because it's a bigger city and more options for me. He said if I move there it will be a different story... but in the mean time I told him if I meet someone here I won't move there.. he said he was fine with that... but if you are really interested.. why would you say that? I guess really at the end of the day, how can I keep him interested.


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