Dating? Exclusive? Just friends?

I met this guy through work. He pursued me getting my name from a coworker and friending me on Facebook. I had a boyfriend at the time but things with him had been bad for a while. This new guy and I began to chat (strictly friendly) we talked everyday. I ended up breaking things off with my boyfriend a month later. We immediately started hanging out at least once or twice a week and talking everyday. We would flirt and talking about cuddling and making plans to hang out in months from now. It's been about a month now and we don't text as much but we still hang out once or twice a week. He is always very affectionate putting his arms around me, kissing my head. We shared our first kiss a week ago and now kiss after each time we hang out...he had mentioned in a text a few weeks ago that he had some great date ideas for us when I was ready to date (bc I just got out of a relationship) Are we techniquely dating now? Are we exclusive? And if not how do I tell him I'm ready to date?


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  • Yikes, well, it's sounds serious, but I don't think you're technically dating, or exclusive, for that matter. It's your move, sweetie, text/call him and tell him you want to take him up on one of his ideas! Wait until you're comfortable/he's comfortable, at least a month, then talk to him about exclusivity :] Good luck!