If you just met a great girl/keeper who was leaving the country for 2yrs would you still pursue her?

So I meet this guy we hit it off quickly converational wise and he immediately asks me on a date knowing in 3mo I'm leaving to Europe for 2yrs (internship). Our date went great, we did have a passionate first kiss. We continued texting and our conversations were so curious about each other:) we soon planned to see each other again. But living 2 1/2 hrs apart and busy schedules did not permit us to see each other again. We talked total for 2 months practically everyday. He did make a great effort to know me and compliment me. He never indicated that he only wanted sex, he genuinely wanted to get to know me. from our first date and conversations it was clear to me he found me attractive and loved my goofy personality.I'll be honest it took me only 3wks to fall for him. Which is why I'm asking why did he suddenly stop talking to me after investing 2 months. I know he could of gotten bored or he's talking to another girl who is in front of him. I'm trying to say this as humbly as possible- but I could tell he thought highly of me. (I'll be honest I am a great catch) I know it's dumb to want him when I'm leaving soon. But I need help/honest truth why he suddenly stopped being interested?


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  • No I'm done with trying to find the right girl and keepers and whatever.


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