What do you think of people that go online often?

What type of person do you think they are? So far I say its because they are shy,have problems like socially(low self esteem/insecure,awkward,adhd,asburger,etc). Am I wrong?

For me its shy and sometimes awkward, but I use to have low self esteem but I was young who didnt? Now I'm thinking of not being online as much so I can get a life so I tried and I can

live without online friends but sometimes I get bored & cave in.

I just don't know how to break it to some people because they make it seem like "oh your leaving me"

I think I'm getting too sucked in because I don't believe in online dating yet I flirt or kinda lead guys on if they act interested. I don't wana seem mean (I do the same in rl but don't take it to far)

I kinda don't feel the online world is all real since I know people can easily lie.

I know I have to leave pal or maybe kik too because I'm starting to give guys pics of me. I don't wana be like those girls but I'm falling into the pit of deceit! no sexting but still showing what I look like. I always thought it was weird since I'm paranoid I may be stalked or people use it. And Catfish reassures me of that!

Lord give me the strength! lol any advice or anyone know what I'm talking about?

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  • I don't really think either. Pretty much every guy I know does the same as me. We go out once a day for the gym or work or both, go home and relax playing video games. We go out every now and again in groups, usually on hot days and stuff. I don't go online a lot cause I have problems, or because I'm shy, I'd like to think I am neither really.

    If you're dating or flirting online? I dunno, I don't really see it as a problem. I have a female friend irl who could date a bunch of decent guys, but she isn't interested in anyone here, so she has a boyfriend online (they meet occasionally). I think it's only a problem if you let your online life affect your real life. As in, you turn down an invite to a party or outing so you can talk to some guy on kik.

    • Thank you! I tried to hang out more with my RL friends and don't have as much want for being online 24/7

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  • Neither. Maybe they just don't like socializing.


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  • I don't get on a lot anymore I just use it as a mean's of communication...and then I never get tired at night plus the lighting keeps me up.

    Bad combo.

    I'm a pretty reserved person but I don't think I have social anxiety, bad personal image...I know I'm awkward at times but I'm not insecure nor do I have a condition.

    I just really have bad habits and no phone :)

  • for me it's introversion and asperger's. I'm not exactly shy,but it's easier for me to discuss specific topics with the ability to take a break from communication.

    you should stop what you're doing-photos,flirting online as a means of getting attention is dangerous,people online ARE real,they may lie-but that doesn't mean the human element isn't there-people can easily find you these days

  • They are usually awkward and shy, have social anxiety.

  • I'm online a lot during the day because I'm bored and don't have a job. I still go out with friends when they're available because they have work. So I don't think it's just people who are shy, etc. I don't drive either. So if I still lived with my parents, I wouldn't be able to get anywhere. Which I didn't. I was stuck in the house all day. I lived in the boonies. So there were no busses that could pick me up.

    Now I live with my boyfriend in the city and I take a bus wherever I want or he drives me.

  • we all have different reason. Some escape reality for awhile

  • i agree with that guy^^ don't let it ruin your rl