Does this guy want to see me or not? Is he still hurt from what I said to him a week ago?

I'm seeing someone but we live quite far from each other. We had some disagreement a few days ago (it was my fault and apologized) and he semed to be OK but later, he hasn't contacted me for days. When I wrote to him on chat, he complained I didn't write him earlier, while he really wanted to hear about me. Then he quickly went offline and stayed offline for a whole day. I sent him an offline message that I'd like to see him on the weekend. He received the message when he went online again, in the middle of Fri night when he already was quite drunk. When he saw my message he wanted to cycle to my town from his,straight away, in the middle of the night :O We live about 120 miles from each other so this would be a really crazy idea! I told him ont to cause it's extremely dangerous. On the next day, he had a massive hangover and slept the whole day through. When he woke up he texted and I asked him to come and see me by train or car, that would take only 2-3 hours. He said it was too late to come, he is tired and doesn't really feel OK, let's skip it. Somehow I feel that he doesn't really want to see me, it was only the alcohol that made him think about me. Am I just paranoid? Other thing: why did he go offline for days, and complained we didn't speak? :O seems impossible to put this whole thing together. What's going on with this guy? Does he want to see me again at all? Is he still hurt from what I said to him a week ago? (but forgets about it when he is drunk?)


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  • he finally came to his senses and realized that a long distance relationship isn't a thing


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