How can I get her back when she's mad at me?

There was a party we were supposed to go and I was gonna see her and everything was gonna be good but a couple of friends and I smoked and drank before the party so I was sort of gone already to a point where I couldn't talk properly (bad decision). So I couldn't really say hi to her or even say bye that night. But I sat next to her at the end of the night for a while and she was a bit touchy for some reason but I knew she was mad cause she just left me without even saying bye.

I knew things werent right cause I really wanted to have fun with her, so I texted her after that night telling her I shouldn't have smoked and if I could see her, but she replies to me as if she's mad at me for some reason with really dull texts. I texted her I'd make it up to her cause I couldn't spend time with her and that I care about her and I shouldn't have done all those things that night but she said that I'm not obliged to say hi or talk to her and that she doesn't mind if I do or not and that she's not mad at me.

So I thought it's all good but apparently girls are mad when they say they're not? cause I'm sensing that she's mad, she hasn't replied to my last text. I feel real bad cause even her friend told me that night she was waiting for me. I know it's my fault and I want to fix this, right now I'm just giving her space but I'm confused on what I should do. I'm trying to get her to come out and hang out with me so I can make things right. I really like this girl and I'd do whatever it takes to get her back.

Any suggestions? sorry for the long question


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