Inexperienced guy: how to escalate/be more confident with a girl?

I'm a guy in his early 20s who up until very recently had no experience whatsoever with women. I have now been dating this girl for a bit, with date number 4 coming up soon. She is more experienced and has dated experienced guys before.

Now the thing is that as we've spoken quite openly she knows that I am very inexperienced and she has said that it is not a problem for her and in fact finds it very cute. She says that all I need is more confidence (this was meant as a helpful suggestion, I think).

The thing is that she also said that the first time we met, I didn't seem like a guy who is very inexperienced/unconfident but it only became apparent a bit later (probably because its normal to not get too touchy-feely on the first date). However as of the end of the 3rd date, all we'd done was hold hands for a bit, I held her around the waist for a bit and then had a goodbye kiss as a peck on the lips.

By the power vested in my by Sherlock Holmes, I deduct that by now she would have expected me to make a bit more moves on her but I am a bit unsure as to how and what they should be? On our next date perhaps I should have my hands on/around her more (because on the 3rd it was just occasionally, nothing prolonged), basically focus on increasing the physical contact between us? I am not unconfident in other ways, I always suggest where and what we should do and kind of guide the date.


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  • just go out and try to flirt with girls, fail a few times, learn and get better and batter.

    • I'm sorry but that's not quite what I was asking. I have already found a girl, I need to know how to be more confident around her.

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  • Fake it til ya make it

    • Can you give me some examples of how exactly I should do this?

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  • be good looking

    • Totally irrelevant to my question.