Should I text him again? Or would I seem like a psycho? PLEASE READ!! HELP!

This guy Sam works for my dad's construction company. We texted a lot and he was always asking me out but I rejected him a lot cause of the conflictions. The confliction were my cousins and my friends, my one cousin said she use to be friends with him and the other one said she use to date him when she was 15. She gives me different stories though cause she says they dated, but then she'll say they never dated, so idk. I did ask Sam, and he claims they never dated and that they were just friends. My friends are telling me to back away cause he is a bad guy, but they don't know him personally, it's just word of mouth. Ever since he started to work for my dad, my cousin has been obsessed. She is constantly accusing me of going out with him, and having sex with him, I keep on reassuring her, that my relationship with him is kinda non existent, and it's platonic. I told her we are just text buddies. She is 25 now and has a boyfriend so I don't know why she is obsessed with Sam, and every time I asked her what happened between them two, she never answers me. So, I do really like Sam, but because of my cousin and friends, I refused to go out with him.

I haven't spoke to Sam in 2 weeks. My cousin called me flipping out on me cause she found out I went to a concert with Sam and my brother and my bro's friends. I didn't tell her, not because I was being sneaky it was only because she is crazily obsessed and I don't need drama. My aunt told her about the concert, and so I called up my aunt to confront her, and my aunt said "Haven't you ever thought that maybe he is texting Cassie? That he talks to her?" I said "I don't care what he or she does, I just want to know why you told her knowing that would cause trouble." My aunt said later in the convo "Why is hard for you to believe that he calls her?" I said I didn't care, I never said it was hard to believe. As you can see my family is crazy and loves drama.

However, I started to think that maybe he does have contact with her, or my family is just being manipulative. Either way I want to get to the bottom of this with Sam. My cousin is a very trecherous person so I don't know if she somehow got a hold of Sam and told him lies. So, I texted sam and said :"Hey! How is everything?" He didn't text me back and that was 6 hours ago. Should I text him again? Or would I look like a psycho? I really need to talk to him about this, cause my cousin knows stuff that I don't know how she knows. He is working with my dad tomorrow, so I don't know if that is the reason why he didn't text me back? Maybe he figures he'll see me tomorrow, cause he is coming to my house, but I can't talk to him in front of everyone. I kinda need to talk in private. SO what should I do? Also I find it suspicious that he didn't text me, cause he is a constant texter, and he just posted something on Facebook like 3 hours ago and that was when I texted him. So now I am nervous and I don't know what to do, please answer! Thank you so much!


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  • It's your life, date whomever you choose.


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  • Have you put together your cousin might just like this guy. Hence getting mad and wanting you to avoid him.


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