Is he dropping hints?

There's this guy that I'm pretty sure likes me. He smiles at me a lot, flirts with me almost all the time, gets kinda shy around me sometimes, always leans in closer, he touches my hand when he gets the chance. Anyway,last night I went in to see him at work (he works at a coffee shop) and one of his friends came in and talked about going on a date and said something about a double date. The guy that seems to like me was like " Yeah, maybe a single date. I'll watch it by myself since I don't have anyone to watch it with!" He said it pretty loudly. I sat there sketching for a while and he looked over and asked me who the sketch was of. I told him and he was like, " I like it! I'm really impressed!" A little while later another regular was in the coffee shop and we were all talking about baristas that have come and gone over the years. Then he said something about a past relationship and looked over at me like he was looking for a reaction. So is he dropping hints at me


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  • I think he is and you should try to give him some hints too. Not too forward just maybe flirt a little. He doesn't seem shy so just bait him to make the move.

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