What should I do about this guy who is starting to annoy me?

Back story:

I met the guy during my freshman year of college, we used to hang out in and out of class, and he used to like my friend. He even went to so far as buying her flowers for her birthday, even when she had a boyfriend. Anyway, after the first semester was over he left school because he enlisted in the army and he kept in touch with everyone that he was close with including me. And when he came back we hung out once, we just went to Wendy's lol. Long story short, we kept in touch throughout the years and then he told me he like me as more than friends, but the feeling is not mutual at all.

He recently text me back in June and I responded tto him not thinking anything of it and then the conversation went into the direction of him wanting to see me and hang out with me. When he said that I didn't respond. And then a few days later he text me saying he was going to be in my town he wanted to see me and I didn't respond. Almost a month later, he texts me from a different number (he likes to change his number a lot) saying "wassup boo," I had a feeling it was him and I replied "who is this" and it was him. He text me 3 more times after that and I didn't respond to him. And today he sent me a message on FB say hey. Should I just tell him I'm not interested or keep ignoring him?


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  • Tell him you're not interested. And maybe add: If he'd like you he'd respect it.

    Maybe you could also add that you have nothing against him personally.

    Would be a little nicer maybe :)