Said he was going to call...

Have been talking to a new guy and he told me he would try to call me tonight if he did not get home too late from a family party. It is 10:30 and nothing. Is it bad that he did not make the time or does this happen often when guys are out enjoying their family and friends. I was the last one to message him, should I text him again and tell him I hope he had fun and that I would talk with him tomorrow? Advice would be great thanks.


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  • I know I'm too late but it seems perfectly normal.

    He was considerate enough to explain in advance what happened if he didn't call.

    Meaning he wanted to but he didn't make it home in time.

    Don't worry about it, just wait until tomorrow and he'll probably call/text. If not, or you don't feel like waiting to see, just text him those things (You hope he had fun, etc.)

    Since he explained the situation ahead of time, this is perfectly normal. He was basically telling you not to wait up for him to call :)

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