Did I sound like I was pressuring him?

I had my 5th date last night - me and this guy really "click", and he's a curious guy - asks me a lot of questions, etc...

He was open and told me of people that he dated and was curious to know about what types of guys I dated in the past.

I asked him if he's gone on any other dates or met anyone else offline recently (him and I met on a dating site). He openly answered me and said he went on a few dates which he didn't really enjoy, then I asked him if he's the type of guy that disappears or if he gives an explanation if he dates someone and it doesn't work...he answered me that he gives an explanation.

Then he gets a text from his sister and then he has to go pick her up...we kissed and I jokingly said to him "bad boy, why do you hav to go? lol" then he answered because he has to get his sister, then he kissed me again and spanked my butt and he made sure I got home safe.

Did I sound like I was pressuring him at all?

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  • No you didn't pressure him. Though it's an odd thing for him to spank your butt...and with online dating don't put hopes on a guy until he tells you he wants to be exclusive with you and takes his profile down...I met my fiance online and he'd been online for a 7/8 months prior to meeting me, then on our third date he was like I want you to be my girlfriend, this means I don't want to date anyone else and I don't want you to either if you feel the same and when I went online he'd deleted his profile...and I remember I asked him if he was still dating other people on our second date lol and he said he was meant to have a date with a girl right after our first date then he showed me his phone and a text of him cancelling on her saying he's met someone he really likes. I do remember saying I'd kill him if he was talking to anyone else

    • he told me he has gone out on a few dates that he didn't enjoy but he told me he likes my company...but he still has his profile up...

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    • Give it time, and you're no where near pressuring him into anything just don't get physical with him til he's made that clear with you

    • he told me he hasn't done anything sexual with anyone and that he's not dating anyone else, but I saw a condom in his glove compartment (2 of them- I think one was opened). I also saw vaseline as well...what was that about?