Guys: should I ask out or not?

This guy whose been a friend of mine for 15 years is confusing me. In the past whenever I made a move and wanted to hang out with him he would reject me upfront. Suddenly, I have guys wanting to date me and he gets extremely jealous and makes me look bad in front of them. Some days he flirts, touches me, plays with my hair ansd then the next day he is insulting kind of negging me PÚA style and then giving a speech of not wanting to marry. He's done that speech with me like 3 times and we've never dated and I'm not interested in marriage at the moment. A few days ago he called me Lieutenant and then gave me orders. So he tells me to stand up straight and a lot of other sh*t. I do want to date him, mostly, I'd like to have fun with him but what can I do if most of my requests and advances in the past have been turned down by him? Also he is 15 years older than me has been through a lot of things I can't even imagine...

So in short, how the hell do I finally have fun with him?


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  • Yep, what "anonymously" already stated. This guy sounds like bad news and like he has an ego. Also he's 15 years older and acts like this? no bueno.


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  • He's got issues, he sounds controlling like he wants to hold on to you incase he wants to date you, or if you date a guy you won't give him attention... being nice then withdrawing affection leaves you wanting more and every time he gives it you appreciate it and he feels good about won't have fun with him, you'll fall for him and he'll hurt you