Did I screw up something amazing with this dude Because I am a nervous jerk?

I've known this guy for over a year now, and for 3 or 4 months we talked exclusively online. We would send 3 paragraph messages to each other and found out we had a lot in common. After months of this, we finally met up in person. It was perfect. We're super comfortable together and got along really well.

He asked me to spend the night all the time and was pretty into me. He introduced me to all his friends (who I got along with perfectly) and invited me to events and made plans to hang out with me 2 weeks in advance. The sex was awesome and we could talk for hours. We could finish each others' sentences and had so much fun together. He would have me spend the night at his place while he was at work and always complained when I leaved. He texts me all day every single day and sends me super long messages. He lent me books and clothing and was happy when I would wear his bandana everywhere.

Yesterday I brought over weed (which I have had bad experiences with and haven't smoked in months). I had spent the night Saturday and it was right after he got off work. He even brought me a pastry from his workplace. I only had 2 hits and it wasn't even good weed and I immediately felt very strange. I became super nervous and uncomfortable and asked him if we could go to the park. Then I accused him of being a pick up artist, said his room was sleazy and said I was worried he was using me. I honestly did not mean ay of this. Nobody has treated me so well as he had. But I was nervous and freaked out and tend to insult people when I'm like that. He got super quiet and said he really hurt I felt that way. I could not drop it and tried to explain myself but he did not understand.

He was icy towards me the rest of the time and said I was weird. But he still kind of cuddled me and would rub my leg and smile at me. But he seemed totally out of it. Three times I said I should leave and he would hug me really close to him and lay down with me so I ended up staying awhile but it was awkward and I still felt funny.

Before we left I thanked him for putting up with me and he said he was trying too. I apologized and said I could be a brat sometimes and he agreed with me but he hugged me and gave me a kiss. He was walking me home but was walking way ahead of me so I insisted he just head home. He kept walking with me but the second time he said okay and hugged me and kissed my head but I was very frigid and cold to him.

How much are guys willing to forgive stuff like this? I can't tell how he feels towards me or if he was just being nice? I hate to think I ruined something so awesome because I said a bunch of dumb stuff. I never smoke weed and I'm totally fine when I don't. I plan on texting him a simple what's up? in a few days.

Also, he lent me a pair of shorts before I left. They were too small for him anyways, but would he have done this if he was planning on being done with me? I also did not leave until 8 PM the next day.


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  • You need to call him and apologize, immediately. Send him a card and give him a huge blowjob the next time you see him.

  • Sounds like he really likes you, I can't say for him but I am bad about giving second chances about stuff like that. I mean why say something mean to someone? Or someone you like?


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