Is my boyfriend breaking up with me?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 8 months. Everything was fine.

Until last week, he started acting distant, he hasn't texted me first at all, he replied to all my texts but he won't continue the conversation. I know he had a job interview on Tuesday so I try not to be too clingy so just one message every one to two days, wishing him good luck and asking him how he's doing. On Tuesday I asked him if he wanted to hang out like on Thursday, he said "could do, but not sure since I was offered a second interview on Friday and not sure if I am going." I told him to tell me after he has decided, and on Wednesday he turned me down, saying he can't make it. I asked if he has decided to go, he said he was still thinking and really stressed right now.

I texted him again on Friday asking how he's doing, and I didn't text him or ask him out over the weekend, as my friend suggested me to let him text me first. But now on Monday, still nothing from him. So I called him, and he didn't pick up. He soon texted me "hey throat real sore, feeling a bit sick." I am not sure if I should believe it since he always tells me when he doesn't feel well and bitches to me about it. So I texted him back saying I didn't know 'cause he usually tells me beforehand. and his reason is "it's just started a few hrs ago"

And I think he went out partying on sat night (tho no solid proof) but he didn't drunk text me neither (he used to do it, though I usually bitch about it when he drunk call me and wake me up at 4am)

Everything was fine, we are in good terms. It's just since he is aware of an interview coming up (Around 10 days ago), he doesn't text me as much, he did hang out with me once (which I initiated) which is like a week ago, and we were still sweet together.

I don't know if this is a sign of him breaking up with me. :(

What should I do?


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  • For someone who says she's trying not to be clingy, you're acting like a clingy girl.

    Just because the guy doesn't want to talk to you, doesn't mean he's breaking up with you.

    Girls and grown women never seem to learn this truth about guys - we're not communicators like girls are - we don't talk for the sake of talking. We don't enjoy it. We have to have something to say or a reason to talk. Girls don't need a reason. They just talk.

    When your guy breaks up with you, it'll be clear and obvious. On the other hand if you want to break up with him because you don't like a guy who doesn't talk as much as you want.. then break up with him. Just don't be a coward about it and try to claim it's him who is breaking up with you.

    • It's just I am so confused right now. This has never happened between us before. We hang out two to three times a week and talk everyday (sometimes a lot, sometimes just asking how the other is doing) My friend just said it's the stress, he recently got fired and is now looking for a job.

      I love him and I don't want to break up with him. I once went out with a guy for a month, then he just faded away by calling off a date and not finding me anymore afterwards.

    • Sounds like the last guy has colored your perception of how all guys will treat you in the future.

      Most breakups do not happen that way.

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  • I think you really need to have a conversation. Sounds to me like there is too much texting and not enough verbal communication (especially for an 8month relationship). Maybe ask and talk to him about the jobs, it seems like he is going over a bunch in his head and perhaps if you communicated with him you might get an insight into what's going on.

    As nothing (at least to you) seemed wrong it seems odd that he would suddenly be ready to end the relationship. that said the lack of communication over a week is odd and would be concerning to me...that's to say it may be a bad sign

    I'd really try to see him or talk to him over the phone. Try to get a better understanding of where he's at mentally. Or at least if you talk on the phone and especially if you see him in persn you may be able to gauge his body language

    • Since he said he has a "bad sore throat", I decided to text him. I told him to get better soon. and then I added " everything alright between us?" he didn't reply :/

      Probably should have waited till his sore throat should have already got better and called him.

  • Sounds like he's not that into you. Time to move on.


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  • Say goodbye old. Hi new!

  • Doesn't sound like he's breaking up with you. You guys need to talk though, preferably in person, communication is very important in a relationship. It would probably help if you calmed down and not jump to conclusions because that will lead to a break up. Talking to him should make clear what's actualy going on.

    • I called him and he didn't pick up and replied with "hey throat real bad". so I texted him "ok get better soon" then I said " everything alright between us?" He still hasn't replied.

      I probably should have waited for a few days before I text that... :/

      I guess next time when I ask him out so that I can talk face to face, he will think I m trying to have the talk and he might avoid meeting up with me

    • Hmm I'm not sure, maybe give him a while longer to "get better" if that's what's going on. How long have you been together?

    • 8 months. my friends say I should break up with him but I love him

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