Me and my guy friend messed around, now what?

So my guy friend who I snapchat with all the time asked me to get frozen yogurt with him the other night. I said yes and it turned into a 2 hour conversation and then we went to Starbucks for about an hour to just talk. He then took me to this park with a view of the city across the river and we cuddled because I was getting cold. We then started kissing and then took it to his car simply because it was getting cold outside. That lasted for about an hour and a half (nothing past second base happened) then we cuddled afterward. We were tempted to pass out in the car then but he just took me home and we kissed goodnight and that was that. I did notice though when we were outside at the frozen yogurt place that we went to a bench instead of this table and he was sitting close enough to me where our legs were touching (if that says anything). We both go to the same college but are from the same hometown which is where we were hanging out at. But one day has passed so far, we've snapchatted but that's it (we both hate texting unless it has to do with plans). We haven't talked about what happened or anything but I do know that we are both shy as well. We've done something similar to this, haven't talked about it but that was three weeks prior. So should I bring up the question of what's going on between me and him over text or wait until I next see him? I don't want him thinking I'm using him though we do talk daily. Or is he even into me at all or just wanting friends with benefits?


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  • Sounds like you're both really into each other but both are afraid to say anything. Take that first step and ask him about it. Tell him that you really like him and would like to see where things go. Odds are, he's as unsure of how you feel as you are about how he feels.


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  • Wait till you see him. I don't think he thinks you're using him. I think he's into you. Friends with benefits don't really "hang out" and do date-type things.


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