How do I choose?

Okay.. So its been a month and a half with this guy and then there's one of my best guy friends who I've liked since I met.. I just recently found out that my best friend really likes me too and I'm not sure what to do... My boyfriend has no clue that I supposedly "flirt" with my best friend 24/7 and should I break it off with my boy friend I know my best friend will never admit to liking me but is it a low blow to my boyfriend and I hardly ever see my boyfriend and I am just so confused on what to do please help!


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  • Your not dating properly. Your age is listed as under18. You should not have "a" boyfriend. You should be going out once or twice with a guy and then move on too another guy. You should be sampling as many possibilities as you can. When you select just one guy, you miss out on the chance to see the differences available.


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  • okayy well I've been through this exact thing before..

    I'm going to be completely honest with you, things didn't turn out to well..

    I say you follow your heart.

    it sound stupid but it may be the best thing.

    im just going to tell you that my boyfriend I broke up with to go out with my best friend well were best friends now.

    but my best friend that I went out with..

    well he hates me now.. well that's what he says.. but I know that he just says that so I feel horrible..

    i say you be careful what you do between these guys because someone is going to end up with there heart broken either wayy..

    maybe you just shouldnt date either one and just be really really close to both of them.

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