Should I contact him or resist being overly eager and allow him to get back to me?


Quick question:

I met a guy while out with friends on Friday.He seemed extremely interested and we exchanged info.He texted me Saturday and asked whether I was busy for the rest of the weekend.I replied that I was,(which is the truth). He said he would contact me about hanging out since I was booked for the weekend.I haven't heard from him since Saturday.

I just wondering if I should just wait instead of being overly eager and allow him to fulfill his word,OR if I should just text and say hello or something.

I believe it is important for people to keep their word.That's how you know if you can trust them.So...your opinion?Wait for him to call/text like he mentioned doing?Or message him hello?Or...should I just chill the eff out?

Thanks :)


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  • ignoring and playing by certain called playing the game.

    playing the game, is a players excuse for "im a player and ima play you"

    if you want to be a player, go ahead but take it from a guy who doesn't like being played...just contact him, guys like to know you're into us just as much as we are you...clingy or not

    • I'm not "game playing".I'm simply trying to figure whether or not to allow this person to fulfill his word which is important for getting to know someone...especially in the beginning.If a person can't even keep their word on something they said they would do before a first date,why go further with them?It might be a negative indication of their overall behavior.Please do not involve your bitter experiences for this situation since there is NOTHING indicative in my question of me being

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    • neither..go try trolling somewhere else, pig

    • is that suppose to be insulting?if my question came off as trolling to you you didn't have to respond OBVIOUSLY.Pig?thats it?lol...guys here are ridiculous.I met as well go and find advice from a rock or damn piece of paper lying on the ground.Maybe objects would be pay attention to what I'm saying and actually give good advice.But three points for happy.

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  • you skipped the part if you are extremely interested? okay so he called that's a step forward he texted you on the Saturday and not a week or a month later. you were busy are you busy now? if your interested pick up your phone and ask him if his busy. life is too short have fun while it last. PICK UP YOUR PHONE!

    • He did not call...he texted.I specified that in my question.Please reread what I said.

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