How to stop thinking this way ?

How do I get over the fact that a guy I liked for 4 years and he was my best friend, chose another girl and he seems so happy..and he had a girlfriend in December but they only dated for a month and broke up..and now he has a new girfriend ..but during the months he was dating her he kept talking to me and wanted to meet me and flirted etc.. so I'm wondering is it really love?

for me if I really like a guy I'm dating I would never go talking to a another chick I've slept with and had a thing with.. (me)

i know its best that him and I don't talk anymore..i walked away and told him why and I need to heal..i need to find a guy who loves me and stop waiting for another guy who don't appriciate me..

my confidence is alright but at times I think what's wrong with me and why didn't he like me..why is she so perfect

the most thing that hurts me is the fact that him and I have known each other for 4 years and he doesn't give a sh*t about our friend ship and choses a girl he's known for 5 months and her friends


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  • First I also would avoid flirting with another girl while I was in a relationship. This was a foolish thing to do. But you do recognize the contradiction of asking why was he talking to former flame and then asking why he doesn't talk to you anymore? It's sensible for him to not talk to you under the circumstances. The real issue is the question of why he chose her over you. While it's hard to remember this, you know that people do not fall in love on the basis of who is the best person. You choose one guy over another simply because he was perfect. So much of what makes a match is personal and subjective. So there is probably nothing wrong with you at all. If there was he wouldn't have been your friend in the first place.

    People are very casual about the whole FWB thing. They forget that if one of them gets involved with someone else, the friendship is likely to end. Some friendships are not worth risking this.

    • what do you mean by its seinsible for him not to talk to me under the circumstances?

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    • But it was right for me to walk alway?

    • I think so.

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