Why is she better at dating than me?

She met first boyfriend on fb, dating him for about 3 months and lost her flower to him. Then the next one on pof a site which I told her about! She went out with him for like 8 months and both boyfriends broke up with her for unjust reasons. The first one just went MIA on her after one of her birthdays. Now she met someone off of another dating site which is paid but she got her money refunded because she only used the trial. Anyways she met John and first date he was like how he wants to be with her longterm, cuddled with her and then kissed her the first date. The next date they went back into the guy's dorm room (she doesn't go to the college or anything) and they made out. He's from out of town and studying here and is going back to new york for a few weeks and she said they'll talk about their relationship when he comes back. Literally its her 4th first date from online and 3 of them were instant boyfriends. And later this week she's seeing Rick another guy she met offline.

Meanwhile I'm waiting for my first kiss at 23 and don't have dating experience except for the four or five guys I met online and all first dates they rejected me painfully.

I think I'm even better looking than this girl...but that's just my opinion. I'm smart I'm doing my master and possibly a phd in the future. I don't get it, why the hell can't I get a like that I feel a connection or spark with.

I still have a few guys I'm talking to from online. One is just a friend I made. The other 2 I'm talking to as a romantic interest both say they don't want anything serious just going with the flow.

Anyway, I don't know if I should go out with the last two because I don't want to get so painfully rejected again took me about a week or so to recover from the last date I had, which made me unmotivated to stick to my diet plan and workout because I just think guys don't want me. So should I go out with the remaining two guys, I have since deleted my online account because it was too much.

I've tried putting myself out there in person as well...went to a meetup networking group and stuff. I was apart of a lot of clubs in college but guys never were into me. I did the clubbing thing to but yeah I feel like online is my only option and that's super sad.


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  • If she were better at dating she'd actually keep a boyfriend instead of having a lot of them? I think you're looking into it way too much. I find it a lot easier to get a date when I'm not thinking about anything else, especially not other peoples relationships and so on, because that becomes depressing... Especially when my two best friends are essentially womanisers... I'd say don't just focus on the fact she's dated a lot of guys in 'x' period of time... I dated no girl until just before I turned 18, but I know that since then I've dated more girls than anyone who ever used to make fun of me at school...


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  • Is that a Friends reference in the first line?

    (Sorry, but I'm not in a position to answer your question seeing as I am also waiting for my first kiss and have no dating experience whatsoever- good luck, though :-) )

    • haha yes it is, it would not let me say virginity because I'm not at a certain level in terms of a user.

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  • just step up your game.

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