3 quick questions for guys about texting.

Do you ever deliberately wait to text a girl back when you like her? (Yes I've been pathetic & analysing it but a guy read my text at 9:18pm - gotta love those imessage read receipts! - and replied to me at 10:26pm.

Do guys agonise over what to text back in reply like us girls can do?

Do guys often use :) or is that for girls you're more fond of? I'm not jumping to the silly conclusion it's a sign of attraction.

Girls can chime in here, too.


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  • 1. No, I don't wait unless I'm not sure what to respond with.

    2. Not usually, no. I just say what I think of and hate myself afterward xD

    3. I don't think it's a sign of attraction, different people type differently. I rarely use :), I use :D instead most of the time.


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  • Nope I don't wait a second unless I'm busy with work...

    I don't agonise over what to text back, I usually agonise over waiting on a reply.

    I use smileys purely because of habit from MSN and from receiving them, so reciprocation I guess...

  • I would say if a girl waits 20mins to text me back then I will do the same as I don't want to seem over eager. But if she speeds up the replies then I will too. Most of the time if I fancy her I do think about what to text back as I don't want to sound like an idiot. I would usually only use :) if she uses them...kind of a "we are on the same page here" thing.

  • Yeah guys do wait to text back, but usually only if the girl waits to do so first. If I see that she is playing games, I'll play them twice as hard (or wait twice as long). Nothing can be done these days without playing games. Texting is out... I guess Snapchat conversations are in... Maybe write something on a piece of paper and Snapchat it?


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