The guy I'm dating won't stop talking about his ex

Me and him were dating for about a month and a half, we recently became officials. Every since we just started talking ( maybe like day 2 or 3) all he did was talk about his 2 exes. It wasn't the only thing we talked about, but he has mentioned them everyday. Really, it doesn't bother me that much when a guy talks about his exes. It really depends on what he says and how long he talks about it. He tells me how they didn't appreciate him and how they were selfish and what not. I would get all upset based of the stuff he would me. I do realize that he could be lying and overexaggerating but I don't think he is.

He still have communication with the first one. He doesn't really talk to her but he talks about how she is always sending him these degrading text messages trying to play victim. She sounds extremely child from what he tells me. I really want this relationship to work, and I don't feel like it would because of that. However, it just gives me a headache hearing him mention them. I know that I can just tell him to stop, but I don't want to hurt his feels. I felt like if I let him talk about it, he would get it out of his system. But I'm just like ugh right now. I keep trying to tell him to cut all forms of communications, but he says that he can't because she will always find a way.

I don't mind hearing people complain/rant/vent, but what I can't stand is when people do so and they are putting up the unnecessary bullsh*t for a long period of time and they don't have to.


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  • The guy I'm dating does the same thing, only he's been divorced for twenty years, sometimes he mentions her, but in an. indirect sense. And sometimes he brings up the other girls he's dated throughout the years, Again, in an indirect manner, including them in some topic he mentions. Like you said, it depends on the context- is he just being general about them or does he say how much he misses them or anything along those lines? He might just really be insecure. I think that's the problem with my guy. But I like him enough to just let it go in one ear and out the other. I guess you need to make a decision whether or not you can put up with it.

    • He's only had 3 exes, 2 of them didn't treat him right. He mainly talks about the first one, rarely talks about the last one. I thought that he missed the 1st one, but he assured me that he doesn't. He's like one of those type of people, if he has history with you, he's still going to respectful and be there for you despite how bad you treat him. It's honorable, but not smart in my opinion. It didn't occur to me, until I read your answer that he might insecure. I saw signs but I never thought..

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    • didn't cheat, but it was from when they were still talking, which was months ago. So if there is a baby, I really don't know if I want to stick around =/

    • I talked to him tonight, and told what I thought of this whole thing. I told him how I felt that he still had feelings for his ex. He denies it but I really think he does.

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  • Just sounds like he's butthurt from the breakups and feels like he needs reassurance that they were the problem in his previous relationships. Although saying they didn't appreciate him and how they are selfish sounds a bit snobby. I'd say if he doesn't properly try hard to cut all communications that he probably doesn't want to...

    • Like I feel bad because I feel like I'm talking bad about him, but it really does seem that way. About them being selfish and unappreciative, its just one of those things where you have you tells to for yourself. But I do agree, he doesn't want to cut all communications.

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